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The life of a Mad Scientist's Assistant is not a bad one, but when Angry Mobs start showing up that's when it's time to get while the getting is good!

A point and click adventure game made for the $105 adventure game challenge


The Unlikely Prometheus.zip 73 MB

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Unzip the file

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Excellent game, but unfortunately I broke the stairs before I collected the glass. Played almost all of the game, and then I was stuck. For an update you should make it so the stairs can't be broken before all items are collected. Other than that, I totally enjoyed the game.

The glass is not a key puzzle item.  You are able to complete the game without it which is why you are able to leave without it

dude spoilers

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Really? Oh that is awesome! Well then I am just stuck AF LOL Ok... man I guess I need to find what am I missing then! 

Could always watch Ana Moons walkthrough (first comment) :)


Another fantastic game! The graphics and music created a great mood and the puzzles were fun. I also appreciated Igor's Fritz's dead leg walk animation. Good work!

That was a lot of fun. Nicely done!